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Monday, October 4, 2010
Happy birthday CHERIEwsy!

I'm glad to have you as a friend, :D You were there whenever I need somemore :D Thanks a lot all this while! & cheerup uh! Life hasn't been too smooth for you lately. But be strong yo! :D Anything, text me uh!

Hello ! Will be having lesson in the library for this whole week , MUHAHHA ! (Y) Airconaircon! ~
That's so nice! :D Anyway , lesson was pretty okay today , but yeah , I really know my standard . It's not the time to be upset , it's the time to really buck up & understand everything! Words isn't to make you upset or discourage you, it's to really wake you up, knowing it isn't time for all those fun already :) Was waiting for the bell to ring, & dismiss! Mall with groups to eat banmian! :DD Then my house to do some work, but most of the time, they are playing with fatty! :x

What if? Questions, leave me alone will you? I don't need false hope, I dare not trust anymore. That's it, MATHS AND PHYSICS NOW! (: Chemistry, let me understand you please? ): I will try my best to understnad you! :D Byes!

Sunday, October 3, 2010
Hello ! Didn't post for weeks again , :/ Hmm , nowadays , I really did study ! :D But most of the time , am doing homework & it seems like I can't complete it forever. I haven't finish one , there comes another . Life is still the same. Homework stacking up up up up up & up! I'm thinking if I should give up one subject.

Surprisingly, I don't feel like giving up like Nlevels! :D Woots!
& this few days , thanks cherie for chatting eh, I really don't know what to do, :/
I don't know why, am always feeling like this since that day, everything goes so wrong. What has actually happen? Didn't I decide it well? But then, till now, the decision is there, but no doings done. I've a lot of question in mind, with no answer though. I'm always thinking, if I should ask, I don't want another thing to think :/ Haiya, I shall just study now & don't bother.

Shall blog often soon! (: I shall go out to study every saturday instead of using laptop, :D That's the plan for now, hoho! Less than 3 weeks, let's all buck up! :D Chemsitry is still a killer for me, I totally don't understand :/ Kay , off now ! Byes , I hope ..

Sunday, September 12, 2010
Hello ! Holiday is ending ):
I wasted one week of holiday , damn .
Shall not mention much about this holiday .

Yeah , this holiday , something happen . But whatever , I'm sure I can do it ! :D
People who chat with me often , will know something happen . Haha .
I wanna thanks people , not in order .
Nigel , Pekling , Evan , Cherie , Aaron , Jinhan , Weiyuen , Melvin , Joanna , Gabrielchua , Gabrielhow , Jaffery , Eunice , Yanling , Randy , Ronald , Irene , Junhong !
Special thanks to those who have been there for me since that day ! :D

Byeeee ! :D

Wednesday, September 8, 2010
Hellos! Her Lesbo here.

Where's my birthday present. It's almost one month already. How long i have to wait for it? D;
Do you need help in maths? You just passed only ): worrying mans.

'Mummy's Bad son' LOLS.

Monday, September 6, 2010
Hey! I'm finally blogging, after about one month?

I don't know what to blog, -.-
Hmm, life's still the same, but prelims started & yeah, went to school today, got back Maths paper. Though, it's not very well done, but at least, I passed! (Y) Like finally! After so long of failing & failing like nobody's business. Happy ttmotm! :D Then, mall, PEPPERLUNCH, home! (:

Kay, posting like this make my post shorter, :/ I give up my combined humans for this prelims. Haven't thought for o's yet, shall see how. Time management! :D

Hmm, that's all. Bye peeps! :D

Saturday, August 7, 2010
Hello , decide to blog awhile .
& I'll post a picture everytime I blog . :D
I'm lazyyy to blog , ;x & I've nothing much to blog either .
HAHA . It's school , remedial , home , housework , bath , homework , sleeeep .
How lifeless manzxc !
Almost the same routine everyday .
I went yishun today with ahhoe & people . & some ahneh , opps ;x
Too lazy to go eat with them , so gave it a miss .
& yeah , home .
Kay , nothing to blog anymore . Byebye :D

Friday, July 9, 2010
Heyyy !

School , time pass quite fast (:
After school , Riverview mall with Pekling .
This suagu , never go before , ;x
Bus-ed there, & somehow unsure of how to walk there -.-
Pekling said that the two aunties in front is going riverview mall ,
so we followed , & yeah , reached ! (:
Lunch , walked , void deck , homed ! :D

Kay bye , short post for today . (Y)

Helping others is much more than what words can do .